Kitchen & Design Considerations

Design Outside the Box

A cleverly designed outdoor kitchen can dramatically increase a home’s available entertaining space, AND its resale price!

An Alfresco Kitchens living area is a significant investment and will most certainly increase the value of your home. In saying this, your outdoor kitchen will only be a success if you give plenty of thought to the design to make sure it provides you the enjoyment and satisfaction you expect for years to come.

Below are some points to consider during the planning phase. Also remember that your Alfresco Kitchen design consultant is a valuable source of information and support during the project.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips Looking at Stainless Steel for your Outdoor Kitchen?
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Design Considerations

Remember! Always use your consultants extensive expertise and services to the fullest as they can help you with the following important design considerations:

Important: Download the Gas Regulation Booklet  to ensure your new design fully complies with Government regulations.

  • Where is the best position for your Outdoor Kitchen? Carefully consider your available space, intended usage and other factors such as scenic views.
  • Will you use the Outdoor Kitchen predominately for small or large gatherings?
  • What modules and operational features should you include? Think about available space, desired functionality and budget.
  • What decor theme will fit best into your outdoor surroundings?
  • Will you have permanent water and electrical connections? Direct connections are not only convenient but provide a limitless supply of water and power.
  • Do you prefer Natural Gas or LP gas? Natural Gas, if available can be connected directly to your system and is both economical and convenient.
  • Do you want a stand alone kitchen? Includes cooking / BBQ appliance, sink and refrigeration – no running back and forth to the inside Kitchen which means more convenience and time spent with guests.

Installation Considerations

If you’re planning to have a party and would like an Outdoor Kitchen to help you succeed, please be aware of the installation considerations below:

  • Ensure adequate access on the installation date, as your Alfresco Kitchen is partially assembled off site for convenience.
  • For safety’s sake your Alfresco Kitchen must be installed by qualified technicians. Installation by unqualified individuals may void product warranty.
  • Plan well ahead of the BIG EVENT! Allow 6 to 8 weeks for manufacture and installation.

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